My Ultimate Companion and border puncher

8:29:00 PM Luanne 2 Comments

Good evening! to everyone. I am happy to share here my first companion in crafting which I received today,  The Ultimate Crafter's Companion and first border puncher.

The Ultimate case 
3 Bow makers
Ruler & Paper trimmer
Cutting mouse
2 Embossing tool
EK Edge Punch - Scandinavian Lace
Booklet guide and over 3 hours DVD Tutorial

I will try my first creation here in a while after I have played with my son since it's till early. So see you soon!

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  1. Wow! can't wait to see your projects. Why didn't you took a photo of the inside? I'll buy one soon..Maybe on Christmas LOL!

  2. Will post the inside hopefully my camera can get it clear. :D


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