Alone at home and 3 Projects

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Hi! Friends, it's now Sunday here in Cebu and and I am alone at home {hehehe} time for my self. My little puppy {son} and bulldog {husband} is at the beach. Oh yea! it's hot I don't want to leave the house. So I made some projects to keep my self busy.

I have been playing "box-it-all" today {hehehe} made 2 of them really and 1 card with envelope {yay!} it's my first time to use the envelope box from the UCC and I made my self a boxvelope {aint that cool?!}

So here are my projects...

Now this box is just from my imagination while looking at the 8.5x11 cardstock :D
You can see there's a flower shape cut out so you can see the content inside. Wait! is that empty? {hehehe} leave that for your imagination. I have no acetate to cover it, so this box will be my reference for future boxes like this.

Now what is this ugly looking thing here? {hehehe} it's actually my test box. I got the pattern from Split Coast Stampers. Check the site out and you'll see lots of cool stuffs there.
See the next photo.

Basing from my test box above here is what I made. It's a really cool treat box, I scored it using the crafter's companion. The test box above has a box of 2 inches. My final box has 3inches, fits perfectly on a 8.5x11 cardstock. 

Using 8.5x11 inches plain red cardstock, shimmery black card, EK Success English Ivy punch and silver and gold gel pens.

My third project is a Birthday card! This will be for my mother and dad {sorry! dad it's orange and flowery} - it's my Dad's birthday last 15 Oct and I wasn't able to make something for him, but I did called and greeted him over the phone, my mom's birthday is on 27 Oct. Really, I am living far far away from my parents. 

I really love this card! I got the digi stamp flower and sentiment from Bird's Cards. Check it out! the site got really cool things.

For the flower, I colored it using color pencils - yellow, orange, red {really?} hahaha! love to color it. Then I used yellow gel pens over the flower, see the next photo? it's shimmery! sorry it's blurred as I took the pictures using my mobile phone, well the camera will do the same blurry thing. Now the hard part with this flower is the orange round border I made. You see, I don't have any machine cutters and I have to trace this from a card stock then I glued it to frame the flower. {love that!}

The base patterned paper is new from my collection just got it last week. And I punched 2 card stocks - green and white using the EK Success English Ivy and layered it on the card then placed a ribbon and added the sentiment.

This is the inside of the card, I made use of the same pattern paper from the front and added a white card where you can type your own greetings and added a punched border at the bottom.

See here? {yay!} I made a boxvelope for it. I added punched white card stock at the bottom of the boxvelope and I glittered the area on the English ivy with orange gel pen. 

Why is the boxvelope pale?! {hehehe} I took the picture near the window and I did not notice it till now.

Please also visit Venus @ Inkpressive Invitations and she got a cool Halloween decors going at her house {she is my older sister} :D.

This is the project she made, really love it! We don't celebrate Halloween or decorate for Halloween when we were kids.
I told her to submit it on a Challenge over @ Visual Designs by Chris.

So that's it! Hope you like my 3 projects and see you again next week!

Cheers! Luanne

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  1. Love it! Please post this, and anything else you may have,in my link party at



  2. That's a lovely card... and your boxes are cool! SCS is the one and only stamping community website I go to... and they rock! :D

  3. The boxes are lovely and so is Venus' project. I am also a member at splitcoast stampers and I agree with you that they have huge amount of stuff for beginners like me.


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