A Stamp for My Sister

10:03:00 PM Venus and Luanne @ Sisters Craft Cafe 2 Comments

A few days ago, I designed a stamp for my sister Luanne Pang. She requested for a personalized rubber stamp so she could stamp it on her cards. 
Well, Today, I got them fresh from the stamp maker here in 
Zamboanga City. Here they are:

 The circle stamps are for Luanne and the oval ones are mine.

 Hey sister, this is how your stamp looks. Sorry, I must have put too much ink, LOL

A closer look at the stamp

Hope you like it , Luanne! I'll send it to you tomorrow :-)

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  1. wow! so cool sister. yay! i'm excited. send it to me baby... uhuh uhuh... hahaha! mwaks!

  2. Oh wow Venus this is fab, your sister will love it.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas :)
    hugs Mandy xx


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