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Have you ever purged yourself in any way? Well, I did! When I was 8 months pregnant with my first baby, I decided to let go of lots of stuff that I haven't used or touched in years, and those I am willing to send off to make room for new things. So, with the help of my husband and the rest of my family, we opened up a garage sale for two days.  Here are the photos that I took last August 2010.

Here, you'll see clothes, books, pillows, luggage....
More books {I have lots of them!!!} and magazines, shoes, bags

My brother, looking on to customers

Here, I have jewelries, a camera tripod, mugs, and whatever's in there!!!!
 I was surprised to see lots of people buying my stuff! My parents and brother also displayed some of their belongings I actually even sold my dad's old electric fan, our very old folding table, and my dad's 2 extra wooden beds! Now, that's purging! I really enjoyed watching all my stuff go and cash in {quite a big amount} out of the sale, and most especially, I enjoyed bigger space in my house.

 Now, meet new friend Tosha Leyendekker,
a fellow crafter, artist, and blogger at  STAMP TALK WITH TOSH.
She's PURGING HER CRAFTROOM, ladies! Now, being a newbie, I'm just beginning to collect craft supplies/tools, and I would love to WIN boxes of papers from Tosha and her friends.

The hop will stay open until January 28th, 5PM ET. Each of her friends will post a winner from their prize post on Monday, January 30th!

 Here's an inspiring card she posted a few days ago.
I like the sentiment a lot and the card is so chic.
 Take a look at the grand prize {left}.....
Isn't this a generous giveaway? I can surely love to use these supplies! So ladies, do visit Tosha's blog and Good Luck!

Don't miss out on Tosha's friends:

Have a great week my friends!

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  1. Wow Venus!! Thanks so much for mentioning our Purge Hop, and for the kind words about my blog!! This is so generous of you!! :) I've been blogging for a few years now, and have found that crafters are some of the most kind and generous!! Love your b/w's of your purge. So cool. I bet it was fun to see what others wanted from what you were getting rid of. Hugs!!!


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