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It was so fun having my parents, brother, sister and their family over the weekend and would love to share here some of the photos we took during my son's 4th birthday which we had over at Portofino Beach Resort.

I love this photo which my sister has taken. We've just arrived and setting up the space.

Here is my son at the far right together with his cousins.

Here he is now 4 grown so fast.

And what is a weekend without crafting together with Venus.
I look like a monster as I was having an allergy my eyes are itchy

I have a GIVEAWAY here
I made changes to my RULE #2. You can link any NEW or OLD (do a re-post) project for my Mother's Day Special Giveaway so this is easier now. Please join and invite your friends.

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  1. Oh how fun, Big Happy 4th Birthday to your son.... pretty pics of everyone....

  2. Looks like you all had fun,thanks for sharing your beautiful pics...
    Mandy x


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