Felt Flowers + Tutorial + Ashley's Giveaway

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Hello! everyone it's me Luanne and sharing a felt flower I made last night. I will include at the bottom the steps to make these. This is very simple and fun to make can be use for your cards, layouts, headbands, wrist bands, and many more projects you can think of.

One more thing. I love to start a link party over here on our blog just for fun fun for everyone, It would be an INSPIRATION link party based on a photo for 2 weeks afterwards we will feature 5 bloggers and their project. I hope you can join in the SCC Fun Fun InsParty!

Now here is the tutorial for the felt flower.

Materials and Steps:
1. 6 pieces round felt shapes (I used 1.5 inches for the bigger flower and 1 inch size for the small flower)
2. Get one of the round felt shapes for the base
3. Get four pieces of the round felt shapes and fold each in half then in 1/4. You will have now have a 1/4 folded circle.
4. Sew near the end for the felt not to open. Do this for all four pieces felt shapes folded.
5. Now ready the felt shape from #2
6. Add a glue at the end on one of the folded felts and stick on the round base, like completing a pie with 1/4 slices. Do this to the remaining folded felts
7. Add a pearl (or your choice of center piece) at the center.
8. See the completed flower on the photo, smaller size with pearl.

I hope the steps are clear, I will just pop-in the detailed pics later on in the evening.

Next, I would like to share here a giveaway from Ashley in celebration for reaching 400 Followers.
Click the photo to get there.

Thank you! for visiting Sisters Craft Cafe. ~~~ Luanne

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  1. Fabulous felt flowers! They are so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

    Hugs Elaine xx

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