My Birthday Gifts

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Hello dear blog friends, I'm back...just for a short post though. Sorry for that. It's my 30th-something birthday today. I'm loving this day because I'm on special leave so I was able to do some shopping this morning. I bought groceries, ordered food for tonight's dinner, and bought a present for my son....

Luke's New Toy

Looks like he's having fun with his bike now...

New Project
and I made a quick "baking" just to start up my new project.... these are 3-tier cakes for my exploding boxes

My Crafting Nook
And here's my new crafting space.....we transferred to a bigger house and this is the only space left for me, but this is way better than my old space.  That's a new desk and chair! 

I store my adhesives, pens, paints, heating tool, book collections ---that's Harry Potter and Twilight Saga---- and other stuff in here

Now here's a photo of what's inside my other cabinet... my punchers,
bottles of beads and trinklets, my Sizzix dies, rubber stamps, and on the lowermost part, my ribbons... 

 Well that's all for now my friends, thanks for visiting Sisters Craft Cafe and my sister and I hope that you'll visit us again next time.

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  1. Enjoy your new crafting space.

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  2. love your new craft desk and space...looks fun...little Luke is adorable...

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  4. I just found your blog while looking a graphics on Doodle Pantry. Love your new craft space. I've thought about showing my space but it would take a long time to clean it up and make it public worthy. But let's be honest. That won't happen. I'm too busy in there to take the time. haha

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