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Hello! everyone it's me Luanne. It's been very busy and all I really miss making cards. I've been making some projects or rather orders and I'm almost complete. I'm just waiting for the printing to arrive tomorrow and can finally send it off.

Here is a sneak peek of what I am currently doing.

My husband finally moved out his computer from our bedroom and went to another room which has a nice working space for him, actually he wants to play with the sound full blast and all so he's very happy on his new room. With him moving out, he had me transfer back to the bedroom and I gave my son back his room.  He now sleeps there, no fuss!

Soooo... my crafting space is now bigger! I'm sharing here some photos.

This table holds my crafty things. The placement of my things are placed for convenience when I want to use them while sitting on my work table. I don't have to stand to get my punchers, plain 8x11, tapes/glue, glitters, stamps, inks. For cutting using dies and embossing the placement is also convenient plus I have a bigger space for my bigshot.

This is my main work table. I have my laptop, the cutter on the left, color pencils and scissors in front. I have that white ice cream container on my table and use that as quick trash can, when it's full I just empty it to the nearest bigger trash can. In that way, less cleaning afterwards. On my right below is my scoring tool.

Then on my right is a small table with 2 drawers. I used the box of my trimmer to hold the 12x12 collection saves the money. hahaha! Before, my 12x12's are placed inside the lower drawer and I find it very inconvenient and because of how they are stored stack over each other you forget to use the ones at the very bottom. I have a box below that holds the orders I'm currently working at. I actually damaged 7 of the orders I was doing so I had to redo them.

Love my new space!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend with your family and crafting.
Thank you! for visiting Sisters Craft Cafe.


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  1. what an improvement sis! your craft room is spacious!


  2. Thanks! Sis. Yes, really love my new space.

  3. Awesome crafting space!


  4. Oooh your new space looks fabulous Luanne and so organised!


  5. What a fine office space you got there! The labelled images are truly helpful. Congratulations on the renovation!


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