How I Made My "Armarie" Flowers

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I just 
paper flowers!

Armarie the Bride-To-Be
paper flowers for her wedding invitations.

Here's a tutorial on how I made the flowers. 


STEP 1: Die cut 2 petals from the Tim Holtz tattered flowers die and 1 small rose from the Sizzix 3d rose die (shown here is the assembled flower)
Prepare a shimmery mist spray. I used my home made mist for this project.

Step 2: Spray shimmer on the petals and rose

Step 3:  While the petals are still wet, carefully fold and bunch up the petals together

Step 4: Carefully open the flower slowly while its still wet. Do the same process with the other petal.

Step 5: Glue the two petals together and dry with a heating tool.
Step 6: Apply glue on the underside of the 3D rose and adhere in the middle of the petals.

Step 7: Prepare Tim Holtz Victorian Velvet distress ink  and dabbing sponge. I just made my dabber out of make-up applicator sponge and glued it on a wood block from a very cheap rubber stamp.

Step 8: Apply distress ink on the edges to create a dimension

Step 9: Repeat the process and create more flowers!

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  1. these are super gorgeous sis! and love the shimmer

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing! I hope i could make flowers as gorgeous as this... :-)


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