Transform an Old Book to Vanity Box (Tutorial)

11:09:00 PM Venus Fortuna 11 Comments

Hello friends, it's me Venus posting here.

Are you ready for a tutorial?
This is going to be a long one.....

Let's Make this Vanity Box

Here's how it was made....

I used an old hardbound book
and removed all its pages

prepared the basic materials...
strong paper glue, chipboard strips, poster paint (or acrylic), gesso, sponge brush,  pages from the book

I measured a strip of chipboard to fit the center of the book to
become the spine, then adhered it using glue

next, I started applying glue all over the the book
and adhered strips of book pages

Completely cover the book, and apply glue evenly to flatten the strips. Set aside
and leave to dry.

Measure chipboard to fit the inner margins of the book.
Adhere ends with glue
Glue the chipboard frame onto the spine of the book. Allow to dry.

Next... adhere strips of paper on the frame to join the underside of the book cover.

After the first layer was done, I applied Mod Podge on the surface
and worked another layer...
Leave to dry.

Once dry, I pinted the surface pink...
To make pink, just mix a bit of red on lots of gesso.

It should look like this.... leave to dry.
(I waited for 12 hours)

Next, I adhered cut outs of beautiful paper (from Webster's Pages Park Drive)

I hand cut some hearts from Webster's Pages paper

I arranged vintage flowers, applied some gesso over them...

Up close, the hearts look muted because I painted a thin coat of gesso over them...

I used Tim Holtz mask to apply texture paste, used letter stickers, wood charms, die cut Eiffel


I would love to hear your comments!
I still have three more hard bound book covers (all pages already torn out)
 If anyone would like to have them... just comment below.
If there'd be more than one
who wants them, I'll have to draw a name.
(shipping within Philippines only)

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  1. It's very beautiful :D I definitely would want to have it :)

    1. Thank you Jayvalika, you're in the draw! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing Doc. I love it and love to have one. Thanks in advance..

    1. Thanks Ruth @ Scrape n scrap, you're in the draw. This friday, will announce the lucky 1 :-)

  3. It was nice.. from Scrap to a beautiful Box
    would love to have one...

  4. wonderful rendition of a the craft, Venus. I hope I could try this kind of OTP too in the future.

    Good luck on Mama Bear's Contest! =) You have a wonderful project.

  5. Thank you for stopping by Kath, you're in the draw. Will announce this Friday :-)

  6. Thanks for stopping by my Sisters Craft Cafe nicole, you're in the draw. Will announce this Fiday

  7. All your creations are just amazing! Would want one :)

  8. beautiful handiwork, so love to have one of your yummy creations!!! :)

  9. such a great idea...;uv this...hope you have a fabby weekend!

    enjoy *~*


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