Christmas Home Decors - 2013 projects + Pomanders + Wreaths

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hello and welcome to Sisters Craft Cafe!
it's me Venus posting here once again, and i'm happy to be back to crafting blog.
Christmas is just around the corner and I just want to share with you
some of my home decor projects this year.

These are floral pomanders I made ...
A fashion-inspired wreath in Advent colors.... now decorates the glass panel in my office space..
I had been keeping some scrap fabric for so long... finally served a purpose.
Everything is handmade! The lollipop roses and even those sequin embellishments - which I bought from a local craft shop.
And a huge wreath that now decorates the bare wall in my home.
I love the looks on my kids' faces when they stare at this wreath.
1. Paper
2. ceramic mugs
3. branches
4. dry moss
5. styrofoam balls
6. stones
7. hot glue
8. KC and Co. die cuts
9. Abacca fiber trim
10. pre-made organic decor
1. Wood base ( i got the base from a junkyard, used to be an elctric wire spool)
2. satin fabrics
3. pre-made decor
4. Lollipop roses *pearl beads, tulle, candle, thread, needle)
1. synthetic pine
2. synthetic poinsettia and glittered leaves
3. Abacca fiber trim
4. stuffed toys

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