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Hi to all scrapbookers! First of all, I'd like to say that I'm not into politics. I've never actively supported any candidate's campaign. I am just a peaceful observer on the sidewalk, always looking and listening to what's coming. 

As compared with the past elections, the 2016 Philippine Elections for me was exciting because for the first time, a man from Mindanao, my land of birth, is running for Presidency. The thought that it's happening in my lifetime gave me goosebumps. So when it was announced that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was coming to Zamboanga City to campaign, I asked my husband to attend the rally. Being an events photographer, he was able to get some awesome photos. 

For the record, this is my first ever scrapbook layout documenting current events. The wide landscape photo captured the huge crowd in the coliseum that day. I edited it into B&W because I wanted it to remain as a background and make the "highlight photo" (with Duterte holding the Philippine flag) stand out. I used the colors red, yellow, and blue all throughout. The also used the symbol D with eagle, which is a downloadable graphics from DUTERTE-CAYETANO OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

To add further interest in this layout, I used a plaid pattern because Duterte wore a shirt similar to this when he went out to cut his vote. Based on shared information I saw on the internet, he's had that plaid shirt for 3 years, and seems to be his favorite. 

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The digital kit used for this layout was from SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS.

I hope you like this post. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you!

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