Friendship Accordion Book

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This is my final post as aan 8-5 office worker as I embark on a new journey as a practicing doctor of medicine. I am very glad to announce it here that my application for residency training was approved.  I was rooting for a slot in Nuclear Medicine last March, and finally, this August, I will be in the medical circulation once again. I feel quite nervous and excited at the same time, and still hoping I get some time to blog. It will be intersting for sure!

Last week, I played with some DCWV stacks and thought of creating something different this time. I was surprised to find a lot of pen pal stuff on instagram. Oh boy! I thought this hobby died, but no, it's now called #snailmailrevolution.  


This accordion book was fun to make!
1. From the 12x12 paper, cut it into 2 equal parts.
2. To make the accordion folds, get one part and using a scoring tool, score to 4 and 8.
- make pockets
- make a cover design
- make a belly band
- cut out the free journal cards in the stack
4. Make a matching envelope

A lot of people are into "planners". One thing that they like is a cute paper clip. So, I created embellishments from tiny scraps of paper (can't throw away those foiled papers!!!).  
1. Puncher - star shape
2. Scrissors - to make a banner
3. Stapler

Since DCWV stacks are not 2-sided, I am planning to use the back side for my letter. The photo didn't do any justice for the gold foiled envelope, but I'm telling you, IT'S GLAMOROUS!!
Read DCWV's blog about MODERN METALLIC STACK . Thank you so much for visitng my blog

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