Snail Mailing ~ Artistic envelopes

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Hello to all the snail mailers out there! Today I am eager to share this envelope art I made a couple of weeks ago. This was actually posted in my Instagram first. Anyhow, I hope you'll like this floral and butterfly design. I used goache paint because it dries faster and requires little water (I want to avoid ruining the envelope).

If you are into calligraphy, then, you can also use your dip pens or nibs to apply Finetec Gold paint.
I reallllllly love this technique. It's very easy.

Just apply a teaspoonfull of water into the Finetec paint, then mix until the consistency becomes like yogurt, that's when you can apply it on the nib. Yes, brush it on the nib (under and over the part around the hole) so you can write with it.

Do you ahve a favorite envelope art technique? I'd like to know. I'm keeping this post short for now.
Till next time!!!



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