Snail Mail : The revival

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Beautiful mails come from the heart.

Snail mail is definitely alive in 2016. I mailed a bunch of letters to new friends around the world and hoped that it will bring a smile to someone from afar.

I am not sticking into one particular style at the moment, but I should say that my envelope art is inspired mainly by by NAOMI BULGER and LINSEY BUGBEE.

For one penpal, I used the Bird of Paradise envelope I painted before. I used goache.

I also tried shabby chic style collage.

Vintage collage style too!
I have a collection of special rubber stamps and I'm glad I have these types.

And this is when the postal lady helped me take pictures of the letters ready to be mailed. 

Such beauties! I really hope these lovely mails will reach the recipients. I always use registered mails so I can track them down.



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  1. Wow! These are gorgeous. I'm inspired to get back into making mail art now. Love that I have discovered your blog today!

    1. Thank you Jen for visiting my blog. Im glad you liked my mail art. More updates this month ��

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