Quick Sew Curtain : Stars

10:14:00 AM Luanne Pang 1 Comments

Hi! I'm back from blogging {hahaha} I used to share here about handmade cards or layouts but now it's about S.E.W.I.N.G. And today I'm sharing a quick sew home project I made for our bedroom. You might be wondering (our) meaning our kids and us cuddle up in the same room but with their own beds.

Bought this from my local shop Telabizmnl in Instagram, the only shop selling loads of imported designer fabrics. This room has a total of 8 windows and I have 6 panels of curtain made with this print. Fabric has a 45" width, the length is 60", sew the top 2", next 3", 1" fold, sides and bottom sewn with 2"

These 2 panels 1 added some eyelet fabric and baby blue trims for that added touch. And because I get lazy then end result of the other panels is below {hahaha}

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Happy sewing!

{hearts} Luanne

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