Still a Scrap-a-holic in 2017

12:14:00 PM Venus Fortuna 2 Comments

Hello pretty peeps! It's me Venus. I am welcoming the first month of 2017 with lots of mojo for crafting, scrapbooking, and mail art. I am also hoping to update my blog more often, because I have been neglecting it for a while.

Without further ado, I am starting with a new scrapbook layout (above)  that I created over the weekend. I used fab papers from DCWV Minty Lace stack and bits of embellishments from my stash. Oh, I super like the colors of this stack! I followed the sketch of the month, which really simple, perfect for fast scrapping.

My 4x6  Valentine's Day cards look shiny because I used papers from DCWV Modern Metallic stack and red plaids from Christmas Plaid Stack. 
I used Sizzix dies to create the hearts and the Cupid, Mama Elephant stamps and laces. 

DCWV Modern Metallic and Christmas Plaid

I am looking forward to join the monthly Stack-a-holic challenge of DCWV this year. 

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! 



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  1. Hi from the southwestern coast of the U.S., Venus! I just received your beautiful postcard! You're so sweet to write back after I sent you one from Hanna's swap last year! I would love to do an Artist Trading Card Swap with you! So, I will send you 3 soon and, if you want to, you can send me 3. No pressure, though, but I just want to send you some. I love your website and have signed up to follow you. I have a giveaway going on from my blog too. I'm giving away paper clay and a mound. So, if it is ok with your customs folks in your country, please sign up for my blog, then confirm when you get an email and comment on this blog post to register for the giveaway, please also sign up for my YouTube channel under Barbara Hauenstein. Here's the link to the blog: I look forward to sending you some ATCs soon ❤️


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