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Hello and welcome to Sisters Craft Cafe!

We are sisters, Luanne and Venus.
We craft, we blog, and just have fun!  

 Digis from Swirlydoos and Far Far Hill

Luanne Pang from Cebu City, Philippines 

Owner: Luk Sew Cute | Instagram | Facebook

1. If you're a type of coffee, what would you be?

    I love coffee and love milk so,  definitely I am Caffee Latte, not too strong and not too mild. 

2. Describe your crafting style?

My crafting style depends on the mood and the images on hand.  I love to make girly with lots of flowers, glitters and blings lately, vintage and shabby chic at times. I have difficulty making simple cards sometimes I think they are so plain I get bored.hehehe 

3. Your top 3 most favorite craft tools

my sidekick, inks, cutter 

4. When crafting do you prefer to work in complete silence or with background music?

I prefer to be in closed doors and I listen to the radio on my phone. At times I like to watch TV while crafting.

5. What does your dream craft room look like?

Venus Fortuna from Zamboanga City, Philippines.

1. If you're a type of coffee, what would you be?
    Cappuccino: Usually equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and frothed milk, often with cinnamon or flaked chocolate sprinkled on top. 

2. How did you get involved in paper crafting? What is your favorite aspect of paper crafting?  
I started to get involved in paper crafting when I was about 7-8 years old. I  made paper dolls out of my school supplies!
My favorite aspect about paper crafting is that it creates balance and calm within me.  

3. How would you describe your style? 
  Anything goes!   

4. Who is your favorite manufacturer and why?
It has to be Sizzix because I've got lots of their products and  can't live without the Sizzix Big Shot.

What is your favorite all-time collection and why?
Prima flowers - because they're so beautiful!

5. What does your dream craft room look like? 
A  craft room with a 6 feet long table,  a washing area,  lot's of storage space , and with a large window overlooking a garden.

This is my craft room now....


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  3. Hi dear,
    In regards to the circus 5.5 x 6 invitation, would like to know if the pattern used to write the invite's info is also from the SC online store. Just got the machine and love the invite you made. Thank you much!!!

  4. Hi, I really love your circus 5.5 x 6 invitation. I would like to ask how you guys made this with the CS machine. What is your contact details (email and number). Hope to chat with you guys soon. :)



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