Friday, August 19, 2016

Snail Mail : The revival

Beautiful mails come from the heart.

Snail mail is definitely alive in 2016. I mailed a bunch of letters to new friends around the world and hoped that it will bring a smile to someone from afar.

I am not sticking into one particular style at the moment, but I should say that my envelope art is inspired mainly by by NAOMI BULGER and LINSEY BUGBEE.

For one penpal, I used the Bird of Paradise envelope I painted before. I used goache.

I also tried shabby chic style collage.

Vintage collage style too!
I have a collection of special rubber stamps and I'm glad I have these types.

And this is when the postal lady helped me take pictures of the letters ready to be mailed. 

Such beauties! I really hope these lovely mails will reach the recipients. I always use registered mails so I can track them down.



Thursday, August 18, 2016

Be Like The Flowers ~ Watercolor ~ Cake Painting Class

Hello! Today I want to share a quote about bringing out the best in one's self.

People tend to look around and compare themselves to others, and ask why they are not as pretty, as talented, as intelligent, as rich.... and everything else. Becasue of this, they cannot help but become jealous and bitter about that person, not knowing that they also have some beauty in them that they cannot see. So, why not be like the flowers in the garden and just bloom at their own time? One cannot be as beautiful as a rose, but there are those who like daisies more than roses!

I am sharing this flower study I made in my spare time. I am using Mijello Mission Gold watercolors. 
I find the real hair brushes more suitable than the synthetic brush for creating roses beacause it holds more water. More water means more fluid to play with the paint. 

I will be having a cake painting class sponsored by Sugar and Ice on September 17 at 9AM to 4PM. 
Of course I will be teaching how to use edible paint and create florals with watercolor effect. 

Looks fun huh? :-D

Till next time!!!



Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Snail Mailing ~ Artistic envelopes

Hello to all the snail mailers out there! Today I am eager to share this envelope art I made a couple of weeks ago. This was actually posted in my Instagram first. Anyhow, I hope you'll like this floral and butterfly design. I used goache paint because it dries faster and requires little water (I want to avoid ruining the envelope).

If you are into calligraphy, then, you can also use your dip pens or nibs to apply Finetec Gold paint.
I reallllllly love this technique. It's very easy.

Just apply a teaspoonfull of water into the Finetec paint, then mix until the consistency becomes like yogurt, that's when you can apply it on the nib. Yes, brush it on the nib (under and over the part around the hole) so you can write with it.

Do you ahve a favorite envelope art technique? I'd like to know. I'm keeping this post short for now.
Till next time!!!



Saturday, July 30, 2016

Friendship Accordion Book

This is my final post as aan 8-5 office worker as I embark on a new journey as a practicing doctor of medicine. I am very glad to announce it here that my application for residency training was approved.  I was rooting for a slot in Nuclear Medicine last March, and finally, this August, I will be in the medical circulation once again. I feel quite nervous and excited at the same time, and still hoping I get some time to blog. It will be intersting for sure!

Last week, I played with some DCWV stacks and thought of creating something different this time. I was surprised to find a lot of pen pal stuff on instagram. Oh boy! I thought this hobby died, but no, it's now called #snailmailrevolution.  


This accordion book was fun to make!
1. From the 12x12 paper, cut it into 2 equal parts.
2. To make the accordion folds, get one part and using a scoring tool, score to 4 and 8.
- make pockets
- make a cover design
- make a belly band
- cut out the free journal cards in the stack
4. Make a matching envelope

A lot of people are into "planners". One thing that they like is a cute paper clip. So, I created embellishments from tiny scraps of paper (can't throw away those foiled papers!!!).  
1. Puncher - star shape
2. Scrissors - to make a banner
3. Stapler

Since DCWV stacks are not 2-sided, I am planning to use the back side for my letter. The photo didn't do any justice for the gold foiled envelope, but I'm telling you, IT'S GLAMOROUS!!
Read DCWV's blog about MODERN METALLIC STACK . Thank you so much for visitng my blog

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Wedding Day Scrapbook with Altenew Stamps and DCWV Gilded Grey Stack

Hello Luvs! I woke up feeling hyper today. It's play day in my craft room because it's Saturday. My kids are at their grandparents, thankfully, so  I'm ready to scrap all day!

I am excited of ALTENEW'S Documenting Wedding Memories Challenge. I have the Peony Bouquet in my stash and it's the set I used for this project. 

I really like wedding photos and everything else about weddings. I happen to have this beautiful photo of a couple who wed recently, with the groom's suit really matches the Gilded Grey stack by DCWV...

Photo courtesy of Vista de Lente Photography Studio
This stack is rally really pretty! I tell you!

I used embossing ink to stamp the image, then poured gold embossing powder over the stamping while it was wet. Then I used a heating tool to melt the powder. 

DCWV Gilded Grey stack has gold foiled papers that are really pretty and it matches the gold embossing powder! I also stamped a couple of leaves....

Scrapbooking supplies used:
DCWV Gilded Grey stack
Altenew stamp Peony Bouquet
Rangers Heat Tool
Rangers Gold embossing powder
Rangers Embossing ink
Clear blocks
Fiskars Wedding Stamp Set
Memento Tuxedo Black ink pad
Black ink
Stick-on gems

Thank you soon much for visiting my blog. Please come back again for more posts :-)

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