The Doll Scene newspaper July 2021 issue

Welcome July! Can't believe we are past the first six months of 2021. 
I am so excited to share with you the third issue of the The Doll Scene newspaper which is loaded with stories and photos we gathered in dollstagram. 

Here's the front page of the July 2021 issue. 


BTS Meal Price and ARMY Review Philippines

When I woke up this morning to the sound of Wakey-Wakey BTS alarm, I got up and washed my face and waited until my husband wakes up. I went to my doll room and picked Suga and dressed him with Daechwita jacket. When my husband was finally awake, I told him it's time to go and get our BTS meal. 

I snapped a few pictures of Suga's adventure in McDonald's (Philippines) 
Wow,.nice balloon setup at the entrance!

Even the crew are so excited about their new crew shirts that has BTS print. 
So cute! We were one of the first walk in customers, so it was nice to see the decorations inside.

Who loves the Maknae Line? 
We ordered three sets of the BTS Meal at Mc Donald's. It was exciting to grab the bags! The logo OMG!  

At home, Suga is now in with the company of Jin and RM. I love RM's custom Hanbok.
What a nice spread! The nuggets were served fresh and hot and crunchy. The sauces were unique, we did not even touch the tomato sauce. 
Next we folded the cute bags and I actually wiped off food from the nuggets box! What if they put each members' face on it?? Who would throw it?? 

So after the boodle fight over nuggets and fries and one glass of soda, I want to share with you the price of the meal. 
In the Philippines,  it's 260 pesos if you order it yourself at the store. I heard it's 270 if through delivery apps like Grab. 
So, what's my rating of the BTS Meal? I think it's 3/5 because I don't really like fries. And I wish they thought more of the packaging, like a reusable tumbler, rather than paper cup. Straw is still there, it's plastic. I wish it was made of paper. I wish there was a Korean burger too. Price is good enough for the lots of nuggets and fries. If you have a friend, then you can divide the cost, and listen to BTS songs while eating. What's your rating? Am I going to order again? Yes, I like the chicken nuggets. 
Thank you for dropping by my blog. 

The Doll Scene Newspaper June 2021 Downloadable

Hello dollies, today I am dropping the second issue of The Doll Scene newspaper.  One particular event made it to the front page, and it was when dolls emptied Dollitown grocery stores in one freaky Friday. Also, in the new columns Paparazzicam and Wedding Belles,  read about a PDA in the Silken City and Wedding invitations and latest elopement, respectively.  

My favorite (main) dolls Izelle and Brooks wearing casual attire in Pink and Black combination.  I made her sequined skirt and elastic belt. 
Brooks got a new body recently. The BMR1959 man bun ken was the donor. The only thing I didn't like was the super white skin tone, which did not match Brook's light tan. But nonetheless,  the joints are everything! 

Hope you like the contents of the 2nd issue of The Doll Scene. Happy reading! 

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The Doll Scene newspaper edition 1

It is with pleasure to introduce to the dolliverse a newspaper called The Doll Scene. This project is a dream come true 
since I've been wanting to create and print my own miniature newspaper devoted to dolls, doll world events, doll accessories and my Wear Denim on Friday projects.

The first edition of The Doll Scene newspaper is available in this link below

After downloading, print it on A4 or short bond paper. Cut along the outer dark lines. Get some adhesive and stick the top and bottom parts back to back. 

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Dolls in a Food Bowl: Wear Denim on Friday

Hello dollies!  I bring you a new challenge for Wear Denim on Friday.  
Denim and Food Bowl takes our Wear Denim on Friday playtime to a new level. I had fun posing my mini on a simple howl of what's in my pantry... shell macaroni. 
I'm excited what you create next! 

Wear Denim on Friday is a weekly challenge hosted by Instagrammers  @dollshenanigans and 
Be sure to tag them with your photos!  

May the 4th Be with You 
Star wars fans, dolls participate too! 
My mini-me is channeling Darth Vader with her outfit. Posing was inspired by m Barbie Style @barbiestyle 

Barbie Career
My mini-me Barbie career is Nuclear Medicine Physician. A day's work is never without interpreting scintigraphic scans. 
Do you have a mini-me? What other Barbie careers do you wish to play with? 
Leave your reply on the comment section below! 

Thank you so much 


Dolls wear Denim and Dots on Friday

How many polka dotted clothes do you have in your closet? How about things with dots on your desk or home decor? A wallpaper with dots, perhaps? 

This Friday, our brand new challenge is use Denim +  Dots, and below is our inspiration 

You can interpret this challenge any way you like. 

Wear Denim On Friday Challenge is a weekly game for Dolls hosted by instagram bloggers
@dollshenanigans and 

Mention us in your posts for a chance to be featured in our stories.  

#365daysfordolls April Challenge 

Are you stuck in betweenwith nothing to post? Well I hope these prompts for April will give you a slight push. 

#365daysfordolls prompts were created by @dollshenanigans It would be nice to see what you can create out of these prompts.  Use the hashtag and mention @dollshenanigans

Career Look
Model: Barbie Fashionista with made to move body

Living room diorama accessories all handmade. 
Street Style 
Model: Barbie Basic with Barbie made to move body

Street diorama made using cardboard and paper

First issue Is Out: Doll Style Wedding Magazine

 Hello friends! Finally, three months of waiting is over. The first issue of Doll Style Magazine cover features my muse, Miranda Kerrh, a Barbie fashionista #126 or "Dimple" transformed into an OOAK doll by the fine touch of Filipino repaint artist, Richard Enraca. 

First of all, I'd like to thank the doll community for their contribution in this magazine. It was hard to choose from the many photo submissions since I can only have eight pages.  This issue features destination weddings in France, Indonesia, and Philippines. The Fashion Police section is a showcase of dolls wearing their best (or worst?). Of course, there's a page for Doll Style Crafts and more bridal fashion for dolls.

Without further ado, here is the content of the Wedding Issue of Doll Style magazine. Edited with love for dolls. 
Special thanks to the following contributors for Fashion Police (from top left to bottom right) 
@sulokatti @arielangelito @larkinthetinytailoress @the_doll_home_store 
@annagidesign @dollsofinterest @chellomattel @mam_ja555 @struggleswithsally @barbie_mylife_milan @ilovecilendolls @forever_barbie06
@poppyfleaur_barbie @elemental_dollights @sullivana_66 @create_barbielove @beesplasticlife @mydollyclothes  

Contributors to Dream Wedding Fashion

The most exciting part is the printable form of Doll Style Magazine. 

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Thank you so much! Feel free to leave your comments. XoXo

Dolls wear Denim and Jewels plus Doll Parties

Hi! This Friday, we will again play Wear Denim On Friday Challenge
The theme is DENIM & JEWELS. 

This time, dress up your dolls with anything denim and show some bling!  Do you still remember in the 90s, it was cool to decorate denim with rhinestone crystals? I have these crazy ideas. How about a car with bling? A wall full of diamonds? 
You may interpret the theme any way you like! 
Post to Instagram and use the hashtag #weardenimonfriday and mention @dollshenanigans & 

Your photo ca be featured in
Doll Style Magazine.
The second issue will feature best photos that we hand-pick from the submissions since we started Wear Denim On Friday.
To get a chance, use hashtag #dollstylemag  on your Instagram photos. I'll be on the look - out for really cool posts.  

Pink & Sweet Party 
I'm throwing a birthday party for my doll, Daisy. Please have fun with us! 

Gothic Chic 
Introducing the first doll I repainted. 
I gave her a Gothic look for a better personality and loved the outcome. 
Do you like hdt with specs or no specs? 
Have you ever tried repainting a doll? 

Barbie turned 62 
I threw a surprise party for Barbie 
with the theme Denim & Black. 
For the occasion, I chose no other than Millennium Barbie to be the model. 

The guests were my OOAK dolls 
Brooks @brooksmd
Izelle @dollshenanigans 
Ginger goth @dollshenanigans 
Jimin @btsdollsinthesoop 

I enjoyed creating this simple yet elegant diorama. 

Thanks so much and have a great day! 

Venus @dollshenanigans  

Black is Black: Wear Denim on Friday

It's going to be a Friday in a few days, so I prepared a fun new theme for our Wear Denim on Friday Challenge.

Go raid your dollhouse closet for all things BLACK and join in the Instagram doll community with hashtag #weardenimonfriday 

Do not limit yourself with just BLACK clothes, think about skin tone, fashion accessories, house decor, furniture or even hairstyle. Take from the inspiration below. 

Wear Denim On Friday Challenge is a weekly game hosted by Instagram dolls:
@dollshenanigans and 

Thank you and enjoy!


Venus @dollshenanigans 

How to Plan for a Dollstagram Event

Creating a Dollstagram (Doll+Instagram) event can be a lot of fun but it also takes a bit of effort to make an outstanding event. 
Recently my doll July was asked by to be the event planner for a wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia. And without hesitation, plans were set as if we were doing a real wedding. 

Image @dollshenanigans 

In my previous post, I mentioned about the Bridal Gown fitting and the Shopping Spree Bachelorette Party. Playing with someone who is hundreds of miles away is not impossible nowadays due to "internet presence" and we basically have the same doll. My playmate, Astrid (admin of and I alternately sent pictures to each other so we can share posts of the same things on social media. 
Image @dollshenanigans 

Setting the theme 
The theme is important as it sets the tone of the event.  Our event was Denim Garden Picnic, a bit unusual, which makes it interesting. We also chose denim blue, white, as green as the color motif. 
Image @dollshenanigans 

Crafting Props
We planned on dressing up the dolls in denim, so we spent some time sewing dresses. I used only 1 kids' denim skirt for my dolls' attire. For the decorations, rustic materials and fake or real foliage were used. I gathered branches to create an arch and used scrapbook supplies in my stash to make props like the guest book, frame. Must have are the basic craft supplies such as hot glue gun, jute twine, scissors, cutting knife, and paper.

Image: Astrid 
Image: @dollshenanigans 
Image @dollshenanigans 

Image @dollshenanigans 

Taking Pictures 
Follow the light. It's best to take pictures with ambient light. In taking close up pictures of dolls, notice how the light is reflected on their eyes, try moving the face to another direction to avoid that "shiny eye".  Whatever camera you use, you won't get nice pictures if it's dark. 

Give the viewers a different perspective by focusing your camera lens and posing dolls in action rather than just lining them up. This gives a realistic feel to your subjects. 
 Image @dollshenanigans 
Time Frame 
A very detailed event such as a wedding can be planned weeks or months ahead for you to have time to arrange everything and take pictures. Ideally, it's best to create everything before making a public announcement or posting a invitation. Do not rush things. 

The theme for wear Denim on Friday is GADGETS. Its time for you to show your collection of electronic gadgets whether it's for office or kitchen, engineering, hospital, gardening, whatever you like! 
Hashtag #weardenimonfriday and tag @dollshenanigans and