Monday, January 23, 2017

The Magic of Snailmail in 2016

 Welcome to my blog! My name is Venus and I re-discovered snailmailing in 2016.
Back when I was a teen, I maintained a few penpals and felt very happy for every incoming mail. It was the age of no internet so, keeping track of paenpals was not possible. The mails were really cute back then and penpals dont hesitate to send photos of themselves. The only drawback for me was I had to ask my mom for some money to mail my reply letters. So, eventually, I stopped mailing.

 Last year, while surfing Instagram, I found a page for penpal seekers. It takes guts to look for these people and ask them if they still want new penpals.  I did get rejected many times, but soon, those who accepted me became my loyal pen friends. To date I write to a dozen people from some parts of the world.
"Penpalling" helps me practice my social writing and communication skills. Its easy to lose this skill today and people have less attention span. One thing I observed is the growing art form that goes in creating the physical mail itself. I received many pretty mails and I really admire the handmade touches of each one...

How to make a creative and thoughtful snailmail:
1. Make your own stationery.
This mail (below) have dried pressed flowers on the envelope and used washi tape on the paper.

2. Doodles and Window Envelopes
This mail had cute doodles on kraft envelope. My penpal made use of CD pockets and window envelopes to hold ephemera.

3. Create a "flipbook"
The flipbook is quite popular nowadays. It is a bifold card with lots of decirated inserts inside. Whatever goes into the flipbook is much appreciated because of the time and effort to make it!

4. Re-use magazine and book pages
It is always a good idea to reuse the pages of magazines to create one of a kind envelopes. You can also cut out favorite quotes...

5. Create a see-through envelope
This one is totally eye-candy. The envelope was made out of a plastic bag that was decorated with washi and stickers.

6. Create a page dedicated for TEA
This is a very thoughtful treat for a person like me who enjoys drinking tea! I received an 8x11 sized flipbook with one page dedicated for different kinds of tea.

7. Add a touch of nationality and cuteness.
You can really say that this came from Japan! Spoil your penpals a bit, especially on their birthday!

I hope you enjoyed my topic for today. Let me know if this write up was helpful. I will definitely post more of my snailmail adventures!

 You can find my snailmail account at instagram @venusmakes



Still a Scrap-a-holic in 2017

Hello pretty peeps! It's me Venus. I am welcoming the first month of 2017 with lots of mojo for crafting, scrapbooking, and mail art. I am also hoping to update my blog more often, because I have been neglecting it for a while.

Without further ado, I am starting with a new scrapbook layout (above)  that I created over the weekend. I used fab papers from DCWV Minty Lace stack and bits of embellishments from my stash. Oh, I super like the colors of this stack! I followed the sketch of the month, which really simple, perfect for fast scrapping.

My 4x6  Valentine's Day cards look shiny because I used papers from DCWV Modern Metallic stack and red plaids from Christmas Plaid Stack. 
I used Sizzix dies to create the hearts and the Cupid, Mama Elephant stamps and laces. 

DCWV Modern Metallic and Christmas Plaid

I am looking forward to join the monthly Stack-a-holic challenge of DCWV this year. 

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! 



Monday, October 10, 2016

Quick Sew Curtain : Stars

Hi! I'm back from blogging {hahaha} I used to share here about handmade cards or layouts but now it's about S.E.W.I.N.G. And today I'm sharing a quick sew home project I made for our bedroom. You might be wondering (our) meaning our kids and us cuddle up in the same room but with their own beds.

Bought this from my local shop Telabizmnl in Instagram, the only shop selling loads of imported designer fabrics. This room has a total of 8 windows and I have 6 panels of curtain made with this print. Fabric has a 45" width, the length is 60", sew the top 2", next 3", 1" fold, sides and bottom sewn with 2"

These 2 panels 1 added some eyelet fabric and baby blue trims for that added touch. And because I get lazy then end result of the other panels is below {hahaha}

For more happy sewing and succulents you may visit and follow me in Instagram, @LukiSews

Happy sewing!

{hearts} Luanne

Friday, August 19, 2016

Snail Mail : The revival

Beautiful mails come from the heart.

Snail mail is definitely alive in 2016. I mailed a bunch of letters to new friends around the world and hoped that it will bring a smile to someone from afar.

I am not sticking into one particular style at the moment, but I should say that my envelope art is inspired mainly by by NAOMI BULGER and LINSEY BUGBEE.

For one penpal, I used the Bird of Paradise envelope I painted before. I used goache.

I also tried shabby chic style collage.

Vintage collage style too!
I have a collection of special rubber stamps and I'm glad I have these types.

And this is when the postal lady helped me take pictures of the letters ready to be mailed. 

Such beauties! I really hope these lovely mails will reach the recipients. I always use registered mails so I can track them down.



Thursday, August 18, 2016

Be Like The Flowers ~ Watercolor ~ Cake Painting Class

Hello! Today I want to share a quote about bringing out the best in one's self.

People tend to look around and compare themselves to others, and ask why they are not as pretty, as talented, as intelligent, as rich.... and everything else. Becasue of this, they cannot help but become jealous and bitter about that person, not knowing that they also have some beauty in them that they cannot see. So, why not be like the flowers in the garden and just bloom at their own time? One cannot be as beautiful as a rose, but there are those who like daisies more than roses!

I am sharing this flower study I made in my spare time. I am using Mijello Mission Gold watercolors. 
I find the real hair brushes more suitable than the synthetic brush for creating roses beacause it holds more water. More water means more fluid to play with the paint. 

I will be having a cake painting class sponsored by Sugar and Ice on September 17 at 9AM to 4PM. 
Of course I will be teaching how to use edible paint and create florals with watercolor effect. 

Looks fun huh? :-D

Till next time!!!



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