Christmas in Carnival Decor

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Warning! This is a long post and picture heavy. :)

Have you made your Christmas Decors yet? Our company celebrates Christmas with a Decor contest for each department. We could choose any theme with a minimum decor size of 5x5 feet. It has been so long since our department won a contest so this year I planned earlier on what to make. I've e-mailed everyone in my department if they have any plans for the decor and got no reply so I decided and planned for this one, a Christmas in Carnival theme.

This is my original plan on the layout of the decor which I made using Microsoft Visio. The layout is divided into two with the left side some housing and right side the carnival. The red outline is the train tracks, ferris wheel, parachute ride, carousel, animal park, booths and a little park.

 The first project I made is the Ferris wheel. Was this made using any cutting machine? oh no not me. I don't own any of those machine (and wish I did :D ). I bought 3 of 1/2 sized illustration board from a local shop. The wheel size was made using two different size of plates. Bigger plate for the outer measurement and smaller plate for inner measurement. The eight panels on the wheel were measured using a ruler. I made two of these for the wheel. It took me a while to create the cart as I want to get the right possible shape for them so I made a couple of outline on a cardstock then use it as a template and create 8 carts. I added inverted triangle in the middle which was later on added with glitters. The bars I use to hold the wheel and cart is a balloon stick. The wheel actually spins as well as the carts. I then decorated with colored popsicle sticks.

The next project I made was supposed to be a parachute ride but I had a difficulty in creating the best shape for the parachute and so I redesigned to make a hot air balloon ride.First I folded a cardstock into half find my self a perfect shape. When I got it correctly I then used it as my template for the rest of the balloons. Each balloon have 6 folded balloon shape stuck together using hot glue. Before I glue all 6 pieces of balloon shape I added 2 pieces of cord for the top part. Next I made the basket then glittered stripes. This was so much fun to make!

The other elements for this decor were made by the rest of my team. There are 3 houses, 3 animal cages, trees, train tracks (my son owns this), animals (my son owns this). The star shaped bunch of balloons are the ones you use to decorate a cake so I bought three of these. The snow effect we use cotton and I scattered powder mixed with white glitter powder.

 Here is a closer look of the houses. You can see this one house on the left and has foam die cuts? Yup! I still have a lot of these keeping them for any projects I can make.

Here is a closer look of some of the animal cages. This is sooo funny since we don't have any wild animals to use here we made use of the dinosaurs and pokemon monsters.

Here is a lighted photo of our decor with the office lights still on.

And this is the lighted decor with our department area lights off.

Another angle of the photo.

Closer photo of the train tracks, animal cages, a house and hot air balloon ride.

Lighted photo of the houses.

I hope you enjoyed reading today's post and got you inspired to make your Christmas Decors.

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  1. Hahaha! caged dinasaurs and pokemon monsters! That's so clever! I really love everything here and how you made the balloons and the ferris wheel. Amazing!! Great job to you and your colleagues! Merry Christmas!


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