6 Parcels of Giveaway Wins

6:54:00 PM Luanne 5 Comments

Hi my friends, I can't contain my excitement when I received the parcel notice earlier. Guess how many?.... I received 6 parcel notices. {gyaaaaaahhhh!}I took this picture inside the cab and lucky I had with me a big bag which helped a lot in carrying them. There's package from the Webster's Pages which I won last month for their new release of Sunday Picnic, The Craft's Meow Stamp which I won from the Nov/Dec sketch challenge, and more from the giveaways I will post here from whom later on. So... see you later as I show you the contents. Chow!

Thank you so much for looking today and any comments you leave for me, love and hugs from me. Also don't miss out and visit WE HEART PAPER CRAFT'S

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  1. Love it!!!! Yey, I'm so excited to be there this March!

    1. they're so sweet! sister. Hurry up and come here!

  2. Oooh, how fun! Enjoy your goodies.


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