3d Origami Flower Tutorial + Flores de Mayo

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Hello! everyone it's me Luanne and sharing something I made for an event here in our place. Sooo.. I made this 3d origami flower. Below are the steps with photos so you can try this too.

1. 6.5 square inches construction paper
2. scissors/cutting tool
3. washi tape
 1. Cut your paper to your desired size. Mine is bigger in 6.5 square inches.

2. Fold the paper to form a triangle.

 3. Fold the left corner to the top
4. Then next fold the other corner to the top
5. Now fold the other half to the side.

6. Do this to the other half.
6.   Now fold the pointed corner inward.

 7. Point the other side inward.

 8. Now open the folds you made.

 9. Shape the folds you made into a kite.

10. Now do the other side to form a kite.

11. You will have this once opened.

 12. Now fold the triangle part inward. Do both sides.

 13. Fold half inward to have the image on the right.

14. Join the folds together to form one petal.

 15. Tape the sides.

 16. Make 5 more petals. Join them using washi tapes at the very center of each petals. I think I missed a photo of that one but just look a bigger size of my firs photo.

17. Now tape the ends.

And now, here's a bunch I made 

And here is the project I made for the Flores de Mayo event in our place. I added the flowers to the tricycle together with the decorations made from the girl's side. Together they are Prince and Princess of Hope. They are still waiting to start so my son hasn't worn his Barong yet.

And here are they walking together towards the stage.

What a busy day we had, very very tired and my very first experience to attend this event as a mother.

So, I will end today's post with a good night and thank you for visiting Sisters Craft Cafe.


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  1. soo lovely i love this flower

  2. This looks like a lovely event Luanne! Those flowers are gorgeous - thanks so much for the tutorial! Can't wait to try them :)

  3. Wow, MatMat is so cute! I love the origami flowers, it looks fun, and thank you for the tutorial! I'll try them out :-)


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