Halloween Treats, Decor and Zombies

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Hello and welcome to Sisters Craft Cafe.
It's me Luanne sharing a project I made last October 31 during the Company Halloween Celebration as treats for the kids.

I took a photo of 8 of the treats from a total of 72. With this many treats my 5 meters of black ribbon lack.

Materials needed:
Clear plastic cups
black cartolina or any cardstock type of black color
googly eyes
glue stick
glue gun
clear plastic bag
purple crepe paper
clear tape

As I don't have anything to cut me the black card as same body size of the cup, I took one of the extra cup, cut the middle part with ridges and traced it over the black cartolina. The edges were cut using zigzag and scalloped scissors. I then glued the cut cartolina to the plastic cups. Next is to glue each googly eyes. Then I added the purple cuttings of crepes at the bottom of the plastic cup then added the chocolates. Next I placed the cups inside the plastic bags and tape the bottom corners of the plastic bag at the bottom of the cups. That way you can see on the photo the bottom plastic are rounded. Lastly, tie the plastic cup with your ribbon.

Very easy and cheap! I bought all the materials at the main shopping district in my city.

This next project I thought for the window that houses our data center is called Window Silhouettes
I got this idea while searching for something simpler and fun to make on a budget.

Take note: No machine or any dies were used on these cuttings! I drew the house on a cartolina and asked one of my team to cut the details. The rest were traced from a printed templates then cut manually. The silhouettes were mounted on the front mirror with clear tape. A white cloth was hanged on the other side of the window and a clear orange plastic. I think it was best to use an orange cloth than white to get a more eerie effect.

And lastly, here is a photo of the zombies with some of the team.

Thanks for visiting Sisters Craft Cafe.


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