Be Like The Flowers ~ Watercolor ~ Cake Painting Class

7:52:00 AM Venus Fortuna 1 Comments

Hello! Today I want to share a quote about bringing out the best in one's self.

People tend to look around and compare themselves to others, and ask why they are not as pretty, as talented, as intelligent, as rich.... and everything else. Becasue of this, they cannot help but become jealous and bitter about that person, not knowing that they also have some beauty in them that they cannot see. So, why not be like the flowers in the garden and just bloom at their own time? One cannot be as beautiful as a rose, but there are those who like daisies more than roses!

I am sharing this flower study I made in my spare time. I am using Mijello Mission Gold watercolors. 
I find the real hair brushes more suitable than the synthetic brush for creating roses beacause it holds more water. More water means more fluid to play with the paint. 

I will be having a cake painting class sponsored by Sugar and Ice on September 17 at 9AM to 4PM. 
Of course I will be teaching how to use edible paint and create florals with watercolor effect. 

Looks fun huh? :-D

Till next time!!!



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1 comment:

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