The Magic of Snailmail in 2016

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 Welcome to my blog! My name is Venus and I re-discovered snailmailing in 2016.
Back when I was a teen, I maintained a few penpals and felt very happy for every incoming mail. It was the age of no internet so, keeping track of paenpals was not possible. The mails were really cute back then and penpals dont hesitate to send photos of themselves. The only drawback for me was I had to ask my mom for some money to mail my reply letters. So, eventually, I stopped mailing.

 Last year, while surfing Instagram, I found a page for penpal seekers. It takes guts to look for these people and ask them if they still want new penpals.  I did get rejected many times, but soon, those who accepted me became my loyal pen friends. To date I write to a dozen people from some parts of the world.
"Penpalling" helps me practice my social writing and communication skills. Its easy to lose this skill today and people have less attention span. One thing I observed is the growing art form that goes in creating the physical mail itself. I received many pretty mails and I really admire the handmade touches of each one...

How to make a creative and thoughtful snailmail:
1. Make your own stationery.
This mail (below) have dried pressed flowers on the envelope and used washi tape on the paper.

2. Doodles and Window Envelopes
This mail had cute doodles on kraft envelope. My penpal made use of CD pockets and window envelopes to hold ephemera.

3. Create a "flipbook"
The flipbook is quite popular nowadays. It is a bifold card with lots of decirated inserts inside. Whatever goes into the flipbook is much appreciated because of the time and effort to make it!

4. Re-use magazine and book pages
It is always a good idea to reuse the pages of magazines to create one of a kind envelopes. You can also cut out favorite quotes...

5. Create a see-through envelope
This one is totally eye-candy. The envelope was made out of a plastic bag that was decorated with washi and stickers.

6. Create a page dedicated for TEA
This is a very thoughtful treat for a person like me who enjoys drinking tea! I received an 8x11 sized flipbook with one page dedicated for different kinds of tea.

7. Add a touch of nationality and cuteness.
You can really say that this came from Japan! Spoil your penpals a bit, especially on their birthday!

I hope you enjoyed my topic for today. Let me know if this write up was helpful. I will definitely post more of my snailmail adventures!

 You can find my snailmail account at instagram @venusmakes



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