Friday, May 13, 2016

Documenting Current Events

Hi to all scrapbookers! First of all, I'd like to say that I'm not into politics. I've never actively supported any candidate's campaign. I am just a peaceful observer on the sidewalk, always looking and listening to what's coming. 

As compared with the past elections, the 2016 Philippine Elections for me was exciting because for the first time, a man from Mindanao, my land of birth, is running for Presidency. The thought that it's happening in my lifetime gave me goosebumps. So when it was announced that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte was coming to Zamboanga City to campaign, I asked my husband to attend the rally. Being an events photographer, he was able to get some awesome photos. 

For the record, this is my first ever scrapbook layout documenting current events. The wide landscape photo captured the huge crowd in the coliseum that day. I edited it into B&W because I wanted it to remain as a background and make the "highlight photo" (with Duterte holding the Philippine flag) stand out. I used the colors red, yellow, and blue all throughout. The also used the symbol D with eagle, which is a downloadable graphics from DUTERTE-CAYETANO OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

To add further interest in this layout, I used a plaid pattern because Duterte wore a shirt similar to this when he went out to cut his vote. Based on shared information I saw on the internet, he's had that plaid shirt for 3 years, and seems to be his favorite. 

click to enlarge

The digital kit used for this layout was from SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS.

I hope you like this post. Nice comments are welcome. Thank you!

Digital Scrapbooking Week using Delicious Freebie Kits from Sweet Shoppe Designs

Hello! Thank God it's Friday because I've got a super duper fun weekend getaway plan coming up. But first, let me share these digital scrapbook layouts I've made this week. I was SO EXCITED that I downloaded most of the yummy FREEBIES over at SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS. The kits are totally high quality and it includes papers, embellishments, stamps, distressed stuff, whatever!!

I am currently using Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 for all of my digital projects. I've been a user of this software since 2001 and online tutorials helped improve my skills.

So first, please take a look at this kit CHIT CHAT by SUGARY FANCY

I was in Davao City last April 2016, and I got the chance to meet a long time friend and dorm mate in college who I have not met in a long time. We had the longest chat ever! I think the CHIT CHAT fits the memory of our selfie so well.

Up next is this kit called A REASON TO SMILE.... I downloaded this one because I am a fan of black and white striped paper. I'm a rehabilitated scrapbook paper hoarder, so this kit is just the answer to my cravings.

Here's my project using the kit. Our colourful swimsuits just pops out with the B&W background.

This one below was made using a regular kit that I bought from SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS, not a freebie though, but it's a project I made this week so I included it here. The colors are perfect since there are boys and girls on the photos, and the kit is for celebrations. 

I love this black and gold kit called LUXE. Yaaaas, it's FREE from STUDIO FLERGS.

I have a favourite photo edited to black and white so it stands out of the black and gold background.

Do you want to learn new techniques on how to improve your digital layouts? Sweet Shoppe Designs offer LOTS OF TUTORIALS that you can apply on your next project. What are your thoughts about this post? Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, I'd be happy to link you to lots of photoshop tutorials. Thank you for reading!

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Watercoloring and Brush Lettering Journey

Hello sisters in crafting! I am finally back after 2 months of no blogging here at Sisters Craft Cafe. I've been so busy with so many things, new discoveries, family bonding moments, social media, building up my instagram feed and housekeeping. I mentioned housekeeping because it's like a major part in my life every now and then when my 2 toddlers are up and about. 

I'm so excited to be able to share with you my wonderful journey through watercoloring and lettering. There's so much art in me that I haven't tapped. I did not have the opportunity to do so in the past because either there's no mentor or inspiration or no money to buy art materials. But as the saying goes, "It's never too late or too old to learn something". 

My favorite subject is Flora. My medium of choice is either gouache or watercolor. I like gouache because of its bright pigments and I like watercolor because I can play with it while the paint is wet since it does not dry quickly as compared to gouache. For a start, my favorite brands are Reeves gouache and Symbalion watercolors. I use waterbrush pens a lot because of their portability, but I also own several traditional brushes that I use at home. 

water brush pens
Here are some of my favorite works using my favorite materials.... 

Add caption

I really enjoy brush lettering and I just recently started to incorporate my works in wedding invitations that I design for INKPRESSIVE INVITATIONS. My vision for Inkpressive Invitations and Crafts is that, all of the stationeries will have my original art. Sounds wonderful, huh? 

a practice sheet from INK SCRIBBLER book

My recent work
my worksheet

my handwriting after a cup of brewed coffee

I recommend NOT DRINKING coffee when you are about to write, because you can really see the hand tremors, and it affects the strokes.

Perfection is not really my goal when it comes to art so I just embrace who I truly am and what my hands can do. Comparing myself to others won't help and copying won't take me anywhere.

I truly recommend, that if you can't find a mentor who can teach you face-to-face, simply go online and read from the experts' notes.

1. I learned a lot of techniques from LINDSEY BUGBEE of  THE POSTMANS KNOCK. She's an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G watercolorist and calligrapher.

2. Watercolor journaling from the best teacher GAY STRATHMORE of WATERCOLOR JOURNALING



Keep on practicing and doing what you love.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Basic Grey Scrapbook Layout Tribute

Today is all about scrapbooking. I heard the news that Basic Grey scrapbook company closing down its doors this February 15. It doesn't affect me so much, but I'm a bit sentimental about it because I still have their papers, stamps, and embellishments in my stash. I just can't imagine how a giant company can close down after all those years. You can read about a write up by SCRAPBOOK UPDATE

I made a couple of scrapbook layouts out of the papers that I have and matched them with a variety of embellishment. A sketch helped me make these projects.

I WILL ALWAYS be a scrapbooker until my hands are so stiff that I can't move them anymore. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Sizzix bird and frame fridge magnet project using scraps

Hi! It's me Venus Fortuna. Im a huge fan of Sizzix dies. Yesterday, I designed some fridge magnets made of chipboard and Sizzix die cuts and scrap magnets. Below you will see how the plain chipboard transformed into lovely fridge decors. 

I started out with plain chipboard, cut into 2.5x3.5 sizes. Then I painted the sides with Tim Holtz Distress paint dabber n Barn Door. 

After drying, I cut scrapbook papers and covered one side of the chipboard then arranged the die cuts...

Oh dear, I lost all the pics of the chips painted red!!!!!!

Okay, here's the batch painted in TH paint dabber Bronze.

Viola! Look at the finished project!

 I used Sizzix medium die bird and branch and Sizzix medium oval frame die. I also used Martha stewart leaf puncher.

You can do the same or do whatever designs you can think of. Attach the magnets at the back side and they're ready to use!!

Thank you for reading!

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